The STREAM modelling tool

Quick insight into potential energy mixes

The STREAM modelling tool provides a quick insight into the different potential energy mixes not only for the whole of Europe, but also for defined regions or countries. The model allows planners, politicians, students and others to be able to create scenarios on demand.

Moreover, the databases used can be periodically updated (through Eurostat for example) making this tool and the results more realistic and adaptable. Different potential policies or projections can also be incorporated providing an overview of the proposed scenario. For further details, click on "Model" in the menu.


Used in various projects

This modelling tool was originally developed for a project entitled the “Future Danish Energy System” carried out from 2004-2007 by the Danish Board of Technology in conjunction with some of the most important Danish stakeholders in the energy sector.

Since then, the model has been used for the project "Sustainable Energy Scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region", the STOA project “Future European Energy Systems” and the projects “Gas market study for Poland by 2035”, "Scenarios for the Danish energy system in 2020 and 2050", "The Future Danish Energy System" and "Scenarios and analyses of policy measures for the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy".

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Download the modelling tool

The latest version of the modelling tool can be downloaded from this website. Please see "Downloads" in the menu.